Ümlaüt - Total Disfückingcography CD

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Hear this and fear this, mothers and fuckers! Ever since they burst into the hardcore scene on the biggest, loudest, dirtiest stolen motorcycles ever smuggled into Scandinavia, Umlaut—the most feral, furious, and above all Finnish band in the history of punk rock blast beat destruction—has represented the epitome of nihilistic, transgressive energy. This 38-song CD collects their complete works in under half an hour of music, including such hits as "Thrill of the Open Road," "Hell Bent on Destruction," and "Nuclear Annihilation." It comes in an 80-page book that gathers all their lyrics ("I want to ride a sonic boom across a land with no borders, I'll be the crash test dummy of the No World Order! Yeah!"), crazed manifestos ("We hail the highway with speedometer needles in our eyes!"), political commentary (on the subjects of occupied Palestine, militant action against homophobia, and others), interviews, and other assorted memoirs and news coverage. This is the ne plus ultra for maniacal, radical punk rock.