Sandman — The Long Walk Home CD

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Chris Sand, performing here as Sandman, is a long-time resident of Olympia by way of Western Montana, where he grew up—and this duality can be found front and center in his music. His unique fusion of folk/country with a modern singer/songwriter sensibility plays out in a refreshingly vital and sincere album. At times utterly heartbreaking, the album is given light by a genuine humor, and a vision is crafted of someone who has fought forest fires and crushing emotional breakdowns alike, but managed to find a way to live through it all, with a weathered smile and hearty taste for more. The songs range from simple folks songs with just a voice and an acoustic guitar to songs with full instrumentation, including a cello, hurdy gurdy and even a harmonium! Musically eclectic, the album still flows as a cohesive whole, from fast paced narrative sing-alongs to achingly personal, gutter-dredging dirges.