The Spectacle - Rope or Guillotine CD

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With few bands in the punk scene that can still make our hearts beat faster, let alone break them as they need to be broken from time to time, it's a real honor for us to release the first full-length from The Spectacle, a band whose music we find deeply moving. These kids from the northern tip of Norway have recorded the most beautiful, dynamic, aggressive, dark punk record of the year, hands down. They draw on the work of Undying, Zegota, Gehenna, Catharsis, His Hero Is Gone, and Godspeed! You Black Emperor, but they make themselves worthy of those comparisons by picking up where those bands left off to set a new standard in expressions of desperation, rage, and love. Their three guitarists layer melody and dischord over a rhythm section that ranges widely from punk rock fury to haunting quiet, their singer shreds his vocal cords and spits poetry in the brief breaks between assaults, and the band comes together to create something we didn't dare hope for until we heard it: a record that can keep the dream alive for us that punk rock can keep remaking itself—and us and our world in the process. Yes, we're really, really thrilled about this record!